The goal of Guipago Custom Cycles is to build custom lugged and TIG welded bicycle frames and forks with unsurpassed craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

I have  been racing Mountain, Road and Cyclocross  for over 30 years...I have been working on and building bikes for just as long....I'm a one man shop with no frills..... but I do have a coffee stop by anytime for a coffee.

I aim to make the process of designing and building your dream bicycle a rewarding experience for you, with customer service and attentiveness that can only be found in a small operation.

I build simple, functional, and beautiful Lugged and TIG welded steel frames. I believe that a frame that is properly designed and built is likely to please the body, mind and the eye, as well as the spirit. A truly good frame can create an experience like nothing else.

MY GUIPAGO... "Guipago" means "Lone Wolf", a great Warrior Chief from the Kiowa Indian Tribe....I did multiple combat infantry tours in Afghanistan, my call sign was "Wolf 33", I also own land in Colorado on Guipago Trail....when Chief Guipago was released from capture from the US Army it was on February 26th, which just happens to be my birthday....also when Chief Guipago died, he was buried on Mt. Scott. Scott is my brothers name who was killed in action in Afghanistan. 



Billy James Whitcher

Billy James Whitcher