Ok, so this is the deal.....if you want to race on my team there are 3 rules that apply....1st rule is…you have to have a few extra pounds on you, 2nd rule is... you have to not give a shit what place you come in and 3rd rule is... you have to drink beer....not that shitty beer that tastes like water but real beer made from a small brewery.....if you show up with Mich Ultra, "you're fired"....any how...we have a fun team with two of the fastest racers in the Northeast….the “Dishong sisters” (they don't follow any of the 3 rules) Ella and Molly kick butt...they are almost always on the podium at every race....And then there's the rest of us who do follow all 3 rules to a "T", Myself, (Billy) who thinks I'm awesome, but really sucks, but has a lot of fun...then there's Sam (Doc) he's a vascular surgeon and actually is F#$%ing awesome.  He was the NH State 55 plus Champ last year, (I think), I watched him get a trophy (I think). Then there is Steve, a former Navy Pilot and now a Detective for the city of Manchester.....Steve should be a lot faster than he is, he puts on a shit ton of miles all year-round....I think it's the donuts slowing him down, then there's "Fast Eddie", this dude is an engineer and graduated High School at like 12 or something.....everyone knows Eddie because he talks to everyone....I'm serious, if you're in the porto-potty taking a poop before your race he'll talk to you through door...and he always brings the best beer.